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General / Professional Job Fair in Tampa, FL Wednesday, March 18, 2015
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Job Fair Tampa
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
DoubleTree by Hilton Tampa Westshore Airport Hotel
4500 West Cypress St. Tampa, FL 33607
From 10am to 2pm
(Vendor setup begins at 9AM)
Business professional attire & resume are required!
For more information, please contact
Interview for 100's of positions with these companies and more:
Grow Financial Federal Credit Union
Positions Available: Relationship Specialist (various branches in Tampa Bay area & Call Center Relationship Specialist, PT & FT available for both positions
LaSalle Computer Learning Center
Positions Available: Visit our booth
Legacy at Highwoods Preserve
Positions Available - FT - Physical Plant Director, Business Office Manager, Memory Care Coordinator-LPN, Food & Beverage Director.
Positions FT & PT - Certified Nursing Assistant, Medication Technician, Cook, Housekeeping,
New Horizons
Positions: Visit our booth, we are Training Tampa Bay for the future
New York Life
Positions Available: Sales & Service Reps # 12043, Call Center Sales Representatives # 12043, Net Developer # 8923, Department Assistant # 8983, Senior Associate-Creative # 9001, Member Services Manager # 10421, Marketing - Print Production #9681 and # 12642, HR Generalist # 12022,
QA (Automation) # 5145, New Business Data Entry Specialists
Priority Care Solutions, LLC
Positions Available: Care Coordinator(Customer Service), Network Services Recruiter,
Senior Accountant,
Sanford Brown College
Positions Available: visit ou booth
TZ Insurance
Positions Available: Sales Agent, Insurance Agent, Health & Life Agent, Call Center
Verizon Wireless
Positions Available: Customer Service Representative, Bilingual Customer Service Representative, Technical Apprentice
And More
Directions to the hotel:
  • From the East

    Take I-4 West to I-275 South. Take exit 40A (Westshore Blvd). When exiting, turn right onto N Westshore Blvd. Take your first right onto Cypress Street. DoubleTree by Hilton Tampa Airport hotel is located 1/4 mile on the right.
  • From the South

    Take I-275 North to Exit 39 (John F Kennedy Blvd). Make a left onto N Westshore Blvd then a right onto Cypress St. DoubleTree by Hilton Tampa Airport hotel is located 1/4 mile on the right.
  • From the North

    Take I-275 South. Take exit 40A (Westshore Blvd). When exiting, turn right onto N Westshore Blvd. Take your first right onto Cypress Street. DoubleTree by Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore hotel is located 1/4 mile on the right.
  • From the West

    Take SR 60 to Spruce St. Make a right onto N Westshore Blvd. At the 2nd light make a left onto Cypress St. DoubleTree by Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore hotel is located 1/4 mile on the right.
Tampa, Florida Hotel Location Map

Job Fair Tampa
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
DoubleTree by Hilton Tampa Westshore Airport Hotel
4500 West Cypress St. Tampa, FL 33607
10AM to 2PM

Job fair Tampa on March 18, 2015


When you go to a job fairs in TAMPA, dress for an interview. You must be dressed appropriately to attend the job fairs in TAMPA.

JOB SEEKERS. How you should dress for a TAMPA job fair.


Business Casual


Skirt (knee length) or slacks

Nice shirt

Dress shoes Ladies


Khaki pants

Nice collared shirt

Nice shoes




Button down shirt


Dress Shoes


Pants suit


Button down shirt

Dress shoes


Tips for being successful at a TAMPA job fair…

1. Interview with everyone you can, even if they work for some tiny paper you never heard of in a city with a name ending in -ville that you think is at the edge of the Earth. Pass up a table with an unoccupied recruiter, and you could be passing up a good mentor, the piece of advice you need to get started or a great first job.

2. Bring handy wipes can keep your hands clean.

3. Prepare for your interviews. Even if it means cruising by the recruiter's/companies table and scamming a piece of their literature. Be sure to read the literature before you approach the company. Try not to approach any company without having some plan of what you are going to say at the TAMPA job fair.

4. Sell yourself in the interviews. In addition to fielding questions, be prepared to make a couple of pitches for yourself. What should they hire you? Give them reasons that can be supported by examples. Put it across.

5. Have a good question for every interview. It can be the same question all day long, just make sure you ask a question. It could be something specific about their company or the position. Try to get the recruiter to talk.

6. Stay fresh. Job fairs in TAMPA can be grueling with one interview after another. They can be especially grueling on people who stayed out late the night before. Even for the rested, the room can get stale and the interviews monotonous. If you start to flag, get some caffeine, even a drink of water or take a walk around the block to revive your spirits and go back to the TAMPA job fair.

7. Leave every recruiter at the job fair in TAMPA with something to remember you. An impression, a personalized letter, a strong résumé and a promise to follow up all help you stick in their mind.

8. Take something away from every interview. Ask questions that give you information or advice that each recruiter has about the position and what they are looking for in a candidate. Dig until you find it. Be active, positive and smile.

9. Write thank-you notes for follow up. Most people at the job fair will not do this. Cite something specific from your interview: "I''''m taking your advice about my____." This will help the recruiter remember you -- and show that you can take constructive criticism.

10. Definitely follow up. After the job fairs in TAMPA, look at the companies website, read the about us, apply for an opening or find out more about it. Make a follow up phone call. Send a follow up resume via email with a short note reminding them you met at the job fair. People who are successful at using the job fairs in TAMPA do half their work after it''''s over. Treat the job fair interview as a first contact, not the last.


10 DO-NOT's

1. Clicking your teeth with your tongue stud will set you back with some recruiters.

2. If you know you are going to run out of copies of your résumé, save one copy and go to the hotel business center a make some extra companies. Do not waste your time by approaching the recruiters without a resume in hand, you will look unprepared and have a slim chance of finding a position.

3. Do not pass your résumé under the partition to the recruiter in the next stall.

4. Do not ask questions like: How many vacation days do I get? How many sick days do I get?

5. Do not let mild adversity get in your way. If you are in your room, your hair dryer sets your clips on fire and you fall off the balcony and into the hotel pool to escape the flames, go to the job fair, anyway. Editors like tenacity.

6. Yawning, belching and wax removal are better left for between-interview times.

7. If your clips are full of typos, do not present them by pointing out the typos for the editor and explaining whose fault they are. Just smile and hope that the editor doesn''''t read clips.

8. Have an opening statement, don’t walk up to a recruiter and ask questions you know the answer to. For example, don’t ask are you hiring?

9. Do not leave gum, banana peels, coffee cups ect. on the recruiter''''s table. It is untidy.

10. Wear baseball type hats, have music playing on your ipod, don't have any bring any type of drink to the recruiters table.



Attending a job fairs in TAMPA is a proactive way of getting to know companies or industries you're interested in. It's also a great way to make contacts.

You can improve your chances by being prepared.

Additional Tips to Improve Your Chances at a TAMPA job fair.


Once inside, get a list of companies participating in the TAMPA job fair and choose which companies interest you. Spend your energies on them rather than wandering from booth to booth.

Check out job openings for each company of interest, typically found on a exhibit directory, which is handed out when you enter the job fair. Or use a computer, if provided, to look up individual companies.


Get a floor plan of the TAMPA job fair, usually at the entrance or information table. Plan a route to move around the floor quickly, visiting your companies of interest.

Stay upbeat and energized. Try to make an impression through your enthusiasm about the work. Also try to engage the company representative in conversation about the company, and listen to what the rep has to say.


Try to talk to the hiring manager or senior member of the team, if possible. Recruiters can be helpful regarding the company and what they are seeking, and human resources personnel can give you information on the hiring process and the company, but the hiring manager is the one with the clout.

Let the person you talk to know what you have to bring to the company. Be prepared with a short statement about yourself and your background -- less than two minutes. Try to hook the interviewer's interest with something unique about you.


Try to get a name or business card from anyone you talk to so you can use the name as a reference when you follow up.

Follow up by sending a letter and another copy of your resume to human resources and the hiring manager. Mention that you talked with them, or a company representative, at the job fairs in TAMPA. Tell them how excited you are about the position. Let them know you are the solution to their problem -- you can make a difference and add value.

Follow up in a week or so with a phone call, inquiring about the position and the hiring status.


Use the TAMPA job fair as one of many sources in planning your job search. Do further research on participating companies by visiting their web sites and checking for additional openings and opportunities.


Meet your next employer at one of the job fairs in TAMPA, we have several companies for you to meet with. Bring several copies of your resume. You will want to hand your resume directly to each employer at the job fair. TAMPA Job Fairs run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


For more information, please contact JobExpo.Com (516) 942-7574

Tampa Job Fair
Wednesday, March 18, 2015
DoubleTree by Hilton Tampa Westshore Airport Hotel
4500 West Cypress St. Tampa, FL 33607
10AM to 2PM

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